Send in the clowns

Circus performers knew this command meant that something terrible had happened and is often attributed to a trapeze artist falling to the ground. When such an event occurred the circus clowns came out hoping to distract the audience from the horrific events that preceded the tragedy. It would be a difficult time for all the performers trying to keep their chin up with such adversity before them.

Unfortunately the Wicked Ashland Twisted Circus must send in the clowns. In our case…the show will not go on as planned.

Last year the energy in the room was electric. Not an unkind word was said to us about anything, but in the end the event was not profitable. We were ok with this fact. We believed if we did the event again people would come and bring their friends.  Our goal was to break even in 2011 however ticket sales cannot be predicted well enough to assure this and with the economy as it is I had to make some tough decisions. The stakes were to high and we made the decision to cancel this years event (The only time we have ever done so).

I apologize to you….the audience, the sponsors, and the performers both who work at Sights & Sounds Unlimited and those we brought into the event and lovingly gave us their support and time. Those of you that have pre-bought your tickets to the event will be fully refunded. I also know that many of you have been working on your costumes for quite some time. We have arranged a gathering at The Black Sheep on the Plaza in Ashland and would like to invite everyone to a put on their costumes and come have some fun with our staff on Friday From 8-11pm. We will bring the photobooth (there is not charge to use the photobooth). We would love to see you all there!

In addition to a full refund for those who did pre-buy tickets we will remember their support if and when we try again. For more information you can contact me at

Respectfully and Regrettably,

Jes Webb


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